1. Ink on photographic paper #mixedmedia #paintingphotographs #children #portraiture #Art


  2. An informal shot of Ellapaige that I took one Sunday evening 


  3. Testing some new imaging techniques 


  4. Bipolar Sunshine

    @bipolarsunshine for the legendary issue of The Untitled Magazine http://untitled-magazine.com/ 


  5. Bipolar Sunshine

    I photographed Bipolar Sunshine for the legendary issue of The Untitled Magazine. He is an amazing emerging artist check out his latest single which is about to be released ‘Deckchairs On The Moon.


  6. Ellapaige

    Still from her ‘Leave Us At Peace” Promo


  7. Seth Troxler

    Photographed for The Untitled Magazine’s Legendary Issue 2014


  8. Bipolar Sunshine

    The Untitled Magazine, Legendary Issue Spring Summer 2014


  9. Seth Troxler

    Untitled Magazine Editorial Shoot


  10. Seth Troxler

    Photographed for the legendary issue of - theuntitledmagazine


  11. Superstar DJ Seth Troxler shot for the legendary issue of The Untitled Magazine.


  12. Bipolar Sunshine

    Photographed for the Legendary issue of The Untitled Magazine Spring Summer 2014 issue


  13. Gladwill Farm, Somerset - Part 1  -  A recent shoot in Somerset. 


  14. A little shoot with the wonderful Mackenzie. Shot on the river at Strand on The Green in West London.  


  15. An outtake from my shoot with @ben_montague for The Untitled Magazine last year …